Project Cargo Management

Managing project cargo transportation has become Taruna’s main business in the last decade. Extensive experience enables Taruna to provide transportation services that are safe and on-schedule. This performance is in accordance with the stringent international standard of operation required by most of its clients, such as the gas and mining companies. By ensuring the safety and reliability of each cargo shipment, Taruna contributes to its clients’ efforts to minimize cost of operation.

Taruna is equipped with a reliable fleet of Landing Craft vessels, a quality system of operation and management, and experienced, professional and qualified personnel who always make safety as their foremost priority. These components produce a working system – from checking and receiving the cargo at port of loading to unloading the cargo at the destination – that transports cargo safely and securely using the best possible means of cargo mobilization compliant with clients’ technical and schedule requirements.

Heavy Freight Transportation

As one of the richest country in the world in terms of mineral deposits, Indonesia’s economy has been depending on these oil and minerals exploration for many decades and will certainly do so in the next several decades. To support these exploration activities in Indonesia, the availability of landing crafts is crucial to transport various heavy equipments, construction materials and heavy machineries. This is because many of these exploration sites are located in remote islands of Indonesia where port infrastructures are rarely adequate to support the loading and unloading activities of such cargo. Combined with the facts that the sea water level is shallow in those areas, landing crafts vessels are the only ones that can reach those sites.

Taruna has extensive experience in this area. It has deployed its landing crafts in almost every gas and mining site in Indonesia. It has network of ships, equipments and professionals to support its services. Trucking companies, heavy equipments companies, stevedoring companies and local shipping agencies are included in this network. With this network, Taruna is able to offer its services in most destinations, regardless of the cargo size.

Vessel Chartering

Due to Indonesia’s topography, vessels such as landing crafts are often needed by gas and mining companies to support their operations. These companies need dedicated vessels that transport their cargo only for certain period. When this need arises, the company will charter the vessel for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Taruna owns and operates a fleet of landing crafts. The landing crafts are of various sizes and are managed and maintained properly to satisfy the requirement of sea-worthiness in the international water. Taruna also has a network of landing crafts, tug & barges, and cargo vessels. These vessels have been operated by Taruna before and are in very reliable physical conditions. All of these marine vessels are ready to be chartered shall there be any need from the clients.

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What is an LCT ?

Initially known as the “Tank Landing Craft” (TLC) by the British, they later adopted the US nomenclature “Landing Craft Tank” (LCT).

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