About Taruna

PT Pelayaran Taruna Kusan Jaya (Taruna Kusan Jaya Shipping, Inc.) or Taruna is an Indonesian shipping company specializing in heavy freight lifting, transportation and management.

We own and operate several landing crafts (LCTs). These vessels enable us to load and transport various kinds of heavy freight, such as manufacturing machineries, generators and construction materials, and heavy equipments, such as excavators, cranes and articulated dump trucks, to the most remote region in Indonesia where the regular cargo ship cannot carry nor reach.

Extensive experience and expertise have positioned the company as one of the major player in Indonesia's heavy equipments and heavy cargos lifting and transportation. We have proven time and time again that we deliver what we promise to our customers --- whether it is a single trip, combined cargo project or a long-term multi-shipments project. These reliability, skills and professionalism are our identities recognized by both our customers and our competitors.

Our current position in the market is the result of our hard works and experiences. They shape who we are today and what we are going to be. We envision the company to become a one-stop service company for the customers who are looking for reliable partners in marine transportation. We will hire and train the best people in the business, expand our services to relevant market segments demanded by our customers, and always strive to increase productivity and efficiency within the company.

PT Pelayaran Taruna Kusan Jaya is more than just a regular shipping company. It is a company that prides itself in its commitment to give the best effort to help the customers do their business better. For our valued customers, we always deliver!

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What is an LCT ?

Initially known as the “Tank Landing Craft” (TLC) by the British, they later adopted the US nomenclature “Landing Craft Tank” (LCT).

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